We are celebrating what would’ve been the 82nd Wedding Anniversary of Carl and Bobbie Garrett by publishing the family’s first official history and anthology.
We invite you to be included in this exciting genealogical process by completing the survey below before the December celebration in Texas.
Based on your answers to this survey, we will write your life story. Our goal is that every Garrett descendant has an entry in the anthology.
Once each descendant’s story is written and photos are collected, we will send a page proof for your review. Then, we will copyright, register, and publish the Carl and Bobbie Garrett Family Anthology for your home library, the Sabine County Library, and the Library of Congress.
Start now.
Gather your family and have each descendant age 13 and older complete this survey by Sunday, December 10, 2023. If you have any questions, email Candace.

Lineage of Carl and Bobbie Garrett
About You
This section is for any Garrett family member age 13 and older.

What's your name? Include nicknames or other names you are known by. Include maiden names,*

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Who are your biological parents? *

Who are adopted parents, step parents, or guardians who reared you?

Who are your grandparents?*

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Who is your spouse and/or ex-spouse? What year were you married. What's their hometown.

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What's your career or current job? What were your last three job titles?*

What certifications, organizations, clubs, and memberships have you held? *

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What are you hobbies? What's a fun fact about you?*

What are your plans for the future (3-5 years)?*

Your Children
Do not include information on your grandchildren

Who are your children?*

Who co-parented your children? Adopted them? Or became their guardian?

If your child/children are 12 years old or younger, what's their birthday month and day?

If your child is 12 years old or younger, name something memorable about your child (special gifts/talents/smile)?

If your child is 12 years old or younger, share one or more of your children's accomplishments this year.

Memories of Hemphill, Texas
Parents of young children can ask their child of any memory and include it in this section

Share one memory of Carl Garrett (Daddy, PaPa or G-Papa).

Share one memory of Bobbie Garrett (Momma, Mema, G-Mema).

Share a memory about living or visiting Papa and Mema in Hemphill.

What is one lesson you live by from any Garrett?

Do you have or have you had any illness or health concerns that may be hereditary?

What is your Garrett trait, behavior, skill?

Who is your favorite Garrett and why? 🙂