LeShaun M Taylor

Growing up as a child, rejection played a large role in LeShaun Taylor having so many emotionally charged and destructive relationships. She carried a spirit of hopelessness and believed she had to cover up hurt and pain with fake smiles and laughter. Why? Because she was holding on to a lot of hurt, bitterness, anger, and unrealistic expectations of others.

For years, God tugged at LeShaun until she committed to living for God. It was then that she embarked upon a journey of consecration. One that would lead her to discover just how critical it is to make the right choices. It was through this journey that she has written “Seasons of Mirrors: Consecration Leads to Revelation.”

Advance praise for Seasons of Mirrors

“Revealing, uplifting, thought-provoking, driven”
“Raw, insightful, confirmation”
“Faith. Love. Strength. Forgiveness.”
“God is in control!”
“Transparent, gut-wrenching, honest, heartfelt”
“Further confirmation that MY GOD is real.”

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