You’ve finished your book!

We know it has been a daunting challenge and we commend you for releasing your gift to the world. Now, let’s get your book published and into the hands of readers.

We have expanded our work beyond civic journalism to include book editing and partnership publishing services for all literary creators–like you. Our mission is to record life and publish dreams. We invite you to submit your work to our 906 Portal.

906 Portal is the perfect training for creators to publish complete manuscripts while maintaining control of sales and marketing while carrying a small press imprint.

Following a 72-hour manuscript review, a Jozef Syndicate editor will serve as your portal to completely publish your next book. This three-hour, confidential, one-on-one webinar will guide you through all steps to publish and launch your book. The fee is $906.

At the end of the training, you will have:

  • A manuscript review with professional editing
  • Book and cover upload for printing
  • Edited book synopsis upload
  • E-book upload, if converted (conversion service available for $0.55/pg)
  • First print order established
  • Complete metadata registrations
  • Copyright submissions
  • Sample plan to manage invoicing and warehousing bulk purchases
  • Two ISBNs and one barcode under the Jozef Syndicate imprint
  • A checklist of registrations and steps to complete reporting
  • Unlimited text/email support through first quarter book sales
  • “New Release” announcement distributed to 800 book stores, book reviewers, bloggers
  • Book review posted on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, GoodReads, Smashbooks, and Books-a-Million
  • Creators listing at
  • Library of Congress Catalog Number (may require additional time)
  • First quarter marketing and scheduling services
  • Online listing in Jozef Syndicate’s bookstore, including all subsequent books.

Now, let’s do a quick check-in to see if you are ready to publish.

  1. Has your book been professionally edited?
  2. Have you completely vetted the characters, research, and message of your book to the point of completion?
  3. Have you secured all ‎necessary permissions from artists, photographers, or other authors to publish their content in this book as your original work?
  4. Has your book been reviewed by potential readers/buyers?
  5. Have you created an appropriate and dynamic book cover?
  6. Have you determined where and how your book will‎ be marketed?

Contact Us

If you answered yes to all seven questions above, you are ready to publish through the 906 Portal! SEND YOUR SYNOPSIS TO