Featured Authors

Diola Bagayoko, Ph.D

Scientific Editor
Best Practices in Systemic STEM Mentoring.

B.J.T. Ledet

Author, Adult Fiction
The Christians

LeShaun M. Taylor

Author, Memoir
Seasons of Mirrors: Consecration Leads to Revelation.

Anne-Marie Tucker

Anne-Marie Tucker struggled to find resources and information on how to deal with her father’s traumatic brain injury. She stuck by his side through his unfathomable pain and started a Brain Injury Support Group and an annual 5K event for Brain Injury Awareness. She is a wife and mother of two boys residing in Jacksonville, FL. After her father’s passing, Tony Meduri, she published her first collection of poems, “Time with You: A TBI Story”.  She recently released THAT’S NOT MY CAT! a children’s story and colorbook duo about a grandfather who is plagued by dementia and no longer remembers his favorite pet, Blaze.


Barbara W. Green

Barbara W. Green is a licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, ordained minister, motivational speaker and author of “The Parent Anointing,” “The Great One” and “a charge to keep”. She is president and CEO of an internationally expanding business, Inner Reflections Private Counseling and Motivational Consulting Agency. Her children’s book, “The Great One” has been nominated as a 2019 East Baton Rouge Parish Library Children’s Great Read.”

Kenneth Thomas Sr standing

Kenneth Thomas, Sr.

Childhood with imaginary friends. Answered the military call. International fashion stage opened. Longshoreman like Dad. Now back with his passion of storytelling, he has authored Given Not Taken and is working on a second novel to release Winter 2023.

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Ryan Troutman

Ryan Troutman is the author of Second Chance, a personal story of strength, recovery, and perseverance. Aside from writing, Ryan expresses his creativity in a variety of ways including photography and videography. For more information, visit

New Release: That’s Not My Cat

Anticipated children’s book by Anne-Marie Tucker with a companion coloring book

Coming Soon: Secret Lives of Men

Book two of B.J.T. Ledet’s The Christians triology. Order pre-release copies today.

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