Jozef PA of Louisiana LLC started in 2003 to support Louisiana’s struggling community newspapers and to revitalize a passion for everything literary while closing the gap between antagonistic, antithetical images and the true, cultural images of the community. In 2008, Jozef PA launched the Jozef Syndicate, a civic journalism syndication of reporters, photographers, and graphic designers who covered community news and developments on behalf of the understaffed newspapers.

Jozef Syndicate quickly grew to include book editing, fact-finding, ghostwriting, and partnership publishing services for authors—thus expanding the cooperative to all literary creators. To effectively represent the company’s journalistic and literary work, the mission of the Jozef Syndicate became to record life and publish dreams. In 2013, the Jozef Syndicate became recognized by the Library of Congress and RR Bowker ISBN Agency as a book imprint and trade publisher following the completion of nine books written by new Louisiana authors. Recently, the Syndicate partnered with Ingram and Nielsen UK to distribute Jozef Syndicate authors worldwide.

Collectively, the Jozef team and its growing number of creators have a singular focus: to reawaken the creativity of community storytellers young and elder and lead them to the development of books, illustrations, community news sites, documentaries, and phonebooks that represent a more accurate image of American culture in literature and journalism. In short, we are here to record lives and publish dreams.