B.J.T Ledet, a Baton Rouge educator, has signed her first publishing contract with the Jozef Syndicate for a new adult trilogy: The Christians.

The Christians, (Book 1) follows the life and love of Mary Jean Woods, a young, Christian woman in 1960 South Louisiana as she maneuvers through self-discovery, unrighteousness, and betrayal in hopes to find a true spiritual identity.


Through this first release, B.J.T Ledet weaves a story that answers “What exemplifies a Christian?”  using characters who boldly feel right–even all-knowing– in their beliefs when they are flawed and some are fallen.

The Christians deals with the distinctive differences and interactions between the characters who consider themselves Christians and those who don’t. Meet ministers who are in the business of religion instead of uplifting the people and teaching them to love. Meet the ‘show and tell’ flock alongside the church Mothers who have tunnel vision and live in the past.

Using romance, family scandals, and murder, The Christians questions who is and is not a Christian and how the interactions between family and friends impact the spiritual growth of young adults.

BJT Lede

B.J.T. is a retired Hurricane Katrina survivor who worked at Tulane University in New Orleans. She attended Southern University and A&M College and Tulane University. Currently, she gives back to the community by tutoring kids inside her home and assisting with virtual learning while completing The Christians Book 2 and Book 3. 

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