I spent my childhood with imaginary friends. Answered the military call. Opened the international fashion stage. Became a longshoreman like Dad. Now back with my passion: storytelling.

–Kenneth Thomas Sr.


Romance mystery.




Step into Kenneth Thomas Sr.’s debut novel, Given Not Taken, an intricate tale of how the violence from one passionate night between lovers sets into motion a series of events that would soon reveal a plan to destroy a family empire, a lover’s life, and the lives of young, stolen immigrants. Can this evil be stopped without the wrong man being framed? Will the memory be restored in time? Who can devise the perfect plan to accomplish both? Buy here.

Reader’s Reviews of Given Not Taken:

Given Not Taken for me was a combination of deep love, thriller, and suspense….The author did a good job of combining suspense, love, and thrill into one book. Great first book, I look forward to what’s next. – V. JEFFERSON, Amazon Customer Review

Suspenseful, exciting, surprising! Truly a suspenseful page-turner! I highly recommend Given Not Taken and hope to see a sequel! – RYAN, Amazon Customer Review

The course of events you encounter while reading this will truly grab you by the heart. ‘Given Not Taken’ wraps you in a seemingly harmless journey of love, power, greed, passion, and possible destruction. – DANEISHA, Amazon Customer Review

Whoa!  This book is definitely 5. First chapter to the last chapter had me wanting more. A page-turner! I couldn’t even guess what [would] happen next. – WENDY ARSAD, Goodreads Customer Review

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