Today is the day! 

It’s Twos Day. Tuesday, 2/2-2/22 and we have compiled 222 publishing opportunities and writing contests to help you synchronize your 2022 creative goals. Yes. Today is the day to align your calendars and schedule the future publication and promotion of your best work. No longer will your short stories, flash fiction, novels, art, poetry, illustrations, children’s stories, or personal narratives sit on your hard drive…waiting, waiting, waiting to be published. On this, the twenty-second day of the second month of twenty twenty-two, we are offering the 222 Creator’s Calendar to help you plan and enhance your publishing experience. Here’s how. Our Creator’s Calendar contains a curated list of 222 conferences, deadlines, and festivals in a digital download format. These opportunities are also layered within the Creator’s Calendar below for you to subscribe and upload into your calendar service of choice (Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal). Once you subscribe, your calendar will populate automatically. And so will each new opportunity every time we upload it. The 222 Creator’s Calendar is designed to keep publishing and marketing opportunities in front of you in a way that best fits your schedule. Don’t miss another opportunity to win a contest, have your work published, or speak at a national conference. Why did we create the Creator’s Calendar?  It’s for you to publish your dreams. We listened when our writers, illustrators, and poets said they needed a way to keep track of opportunities and contests without logging in to hundreds of websites or receiving another hundred emails. So we’ve customized the embedded Creator’s Calendar to deliver new writing opportunities effortlessly. The digital download provides you with the listing to save on your computer or add into a Scrivener project. You can also sort, adjust, and track your submissions. With both the embed and download, you have a powerful resource to begin submitting your creative work broadly. Download the 222 Creator’s Calendar now. Then click subscribe on the calendar below to begin your first import. This calendar is available for $22 until Tuesday, March 22.

Fall Creator’s Calendar (CSV)

Our Creator’s Calendar is a curated list of more than 200 submission deadlines, conferences, and festivals as a digital spreadsheet. Once purchased, select the underlined file and save it to…
We are excited to meet this need our circle of creators. Oh, and by the way, feel free to share any conferences or festivals that you plan to attend this year. Who knows, we may see you there.