Bishop Rickey T. Washington Sr. was consecrated as a bishop to the World Assemblies Fellowship International under the leadership of Bishop M.B. Jefferson of Tampa, Florida. He is also founder of Rickey T. Washington Ministries, a consulting and artist management company. Washington and his wife, Pastor Lesia Washington, are the founding pastors of Higher Ground Outreach in Baton Rouge, LA. Over the years, Higher Ground has sowed into the lives of thousands of families. Married for more than thirty years, the Washingtons have three children who also serve in ministry.

Going Higher: Keys to Becoming A Generation of Leaders

The call to spiritual leadership starts with a burden. A burning burden where the desire to improve a ministry, build up a cause, organize workers, or assist with the everyday needs of the church or workplace evolves from just a simple thought that a few things need to be done and it grows into a larger, overwhelming desire to get it done yourself. You know the desire is supernatural because it follows you and you began to find yourself constantly thinking of ways to improve and assist in the ministry and in your calling. But what do you do with that burden? How do you get clarity on the call? How do you find success in the sacrifice? Going Higher: Keys to Building a Generation of Leaders, is the first-step, self-evaluation manual for anyone possessing a desire to strengthen their local church, become a leader in any capacity. Going Higher offers clear instructions and activities to help you prepare to speak with as well as demonstrate to your senior pastor or bishop that you are ready for the Kingdom assignment and calling to be a next-generation leader.