Tonya Jacob-Haggerty

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, the birth place of Jazz and Creole cuisine, Tonya Jacob-Haggerty is a first-time author of Silhouette of a Southern Cook, How Cooking Relates to Relationships, a collection of family recipes she’s prepared for more than thirty years.  Tonya has hotel banquet and catering experience that enhance her culinary etiquette. Silhouette of a Southern Cook, the cookbook and website, are vehicles for her to teach people how to cook.  Tonya’s vision started as a cooking file similar to the boxes sold by Betty Crocker when she was a young girl.  As time went on, the vision changed to a cookbook of Tonya’s mother’s and grandmothers’ awesome recipes.  “Cooking has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, from my very first Easy Bake Oven to my first experience in the kitchen as a sous chef working with my mother.  I learned what seasonings went with what dishes, how to cut certain seasoning for certain dishes, and most importantly, how to clean, prep, and present food.  Times have changed, but the techniques still apply today when cooking. Although now, we have so many gadgets that make cooking and life easier in the kitchen,” she says. “The purpose of Silhouette of a Southern Cook is to bring people together one meal and relationship at a time.” Visit Tonya at



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Silhouette of A Southern Cook

Find out what thus says the Lord, regarding food and relationship from a biblical standpoint in Silhouette of A Southern Cook, a unique cookbook on how cooking relates to relationships. This book is full mouthwatering southern dishes like, delightful Shrimp Cakes with creamy Remoulade sauce, New Orleans Authentic Dirty Rice, Jambalaya, delicious Crawfish Bisque, delectable Crab Corn Chowder, award-winning Bread Pudding with Pecan Rum Sauce, and other lip-smacking southern recipes. Find out why it’s so important to prep your food before cooking and prep yourself before entering in a relationship.  Find out when a true relationship begins and how important it is not to rush a meal or a relationship.  Tonya uses these and many more ways to demonstrate how cooking compares to relationships.


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